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Opportunities for African Children and Youth (OACY)

A mission program of Kingdom Mission International seeks to empower at-risk children and youths of Africa, by meeting their needs through vocational training, certification, and Christian counseling. Since the take-off of OACY, over fifty candidates have been trained in various vocation such as fashion design, catering, hair styling, upholstery/leather work, and plumbing. Many others are still undergoing training.

On-going recruitment of candidates is guided by a criterion assessment of age, immediate and long-term needs, family situation(s), commitment to program participation, and candidate’s voluntary choice of programming. By design, the project has a built-in evaluation process. This is to ensure that all resources and opportunities are being effectively utilized. The number of the participants is verifiable; training periods are specified; training curriculums are evaluated on a long and short-term basis. Also, the program Coordinator prepares concise review reports periodically to highlight program needs and goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed.

In addition to funding vocational training, candidates receive a meal a day (where applicable), on-going Christian counseling support, spiritual/moral guidance, as well as start-up equipment(s) upon completion of their program. This enables candidates to commence work immediately in their trained vocation upon completion of training.

As we remain faithful in this area of calling, to the continent of Africa, Kingdom Mission International asks for your financial and prayer support.

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“The Lord will not forget your labor of love” – Hebrews 6:10